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Why is my child having such a hard time reading?

There are many reasons that your child may have difficulty learning to read or read grade level text. First, check to make sure that your child's vision and hearing are in tip-top shape.

Once your child's vision and hearing have been checked, then ask your child (preschool through third grade) to:

1) Sing the "Alphabet Song." How did it sound? Could s/he keep the tune and say all of the the correct order?

2) Tell you if two words rhyme, such as: ship/rip, bit/rib, fell/tall

3) Produce rhyming words...parent says, "Tell me two words that rhyme, like rat/cat." How many words could s/he produce?

If your child has difficulty with these tasks, there may be underlying phonological issues which are interfering with your child's ability to hear and isolate sounds in words. Your child may benefit from explicit and systematic instruction in phonemic awareness. If this is the case with your child, call us.

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