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Dyslexia: Identification and Remediation

Does your child struggle with reading? 

Dyslexia not only impacts reading; it may also impact spelling and speaking.  Dyslexia can make the experience of going to school extremely challenging for students.  It is important to identify and remediate Dyslexia early.  Children who receive direct, systematic and explicit phonics instruction show larger growth in literacy skills than those receiving "whole language" or "whole word" approaches (National Reading Panel, 2000).

Click this link to learn more about the symptoms of dyslexia at different ages in children.

Customized Learning 

Upper Valley Literacy provides explicit and systematic phonics instruction paired with decodeable and appropriately leveled text to close the achievement gap children with dyslexia face.

Dysgraphia:  Identification and Remediation

Does Your child struggle with spelling and writing?


If so your child may have dysgraphia.  Dysgraphia makes it difficult for children to correctly form letters and use appropriate spacing in writing text accurately and with automaticity.  Children with dysgraphia may also find the task of physically writing to be a challenge.

Click this link to learn more about dysgraphia and its symptoms.

Write ON!

Upper Valley Literacy will work with your child to improve written expression by teaching strategies for writing, spelling, and composition.  


Dyslexia and Dysgraphia are closely related. 


"Most people think dyslexia is a reading disorder, but it is also a spelling and writing problem"

(Richards & Berninger, 2006).

In The News
Why use explicit and systematic phonics instruction?

This type of instruction teaches to the various levels of the English language system.  It provides your child with more opportunities to be successful.

"Brain images show individual dyslexic children respond to spelling treatment"
Research indicates that spelling needs to be taught directly.

Did you know that these famous individuals have dyslexia?

Dyslexia does not prevent success!

Reading & Writing Instruction
"Literacy Through the Years: Where are we now?" by Valerie Kehoe, Ed.D. Read More Here

Homeschoooling - Academic Testing

Peabody Individual Achievement Test- Revised is available through Upper Valley Literacy, LLC. 

"The Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised (PIAT-R) is an individually administered achievement test providing wide-range assessment in six content areas: General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprhension, Mathematics, Spelling, and Written Expression."

Writing & Reading
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Tutoring Available

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Please Read These Important Recommendations for Long-Term Remote Learning Here.

Remote instruction is now provided by Upper Valley Literacy, LLC.  Students can access 1:1 reading and writing tutoring online.  Call (603) 443-7393 or email at

Explicit & Systematic Instruction for Your Child

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